Thursday, February 21, 2013

Collards in Your Green Smoothie?

Collards? I know. I thought the same thing, but whenever I am in doubt I refer to the "Green Smoothie Revolution" by Victoria Boutenko. She has around 200 recipes that covers just about every green and fruit you can imagine.  However, I rarely make my smoothies exactly as directed due to produce availability. So more often than not, it becomes something of a guide.

Today it came in handy with the collards I received in my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box for this week. Here is the recipe that I threw together.

1 Packed cup of collard greens (CSA box)
1 Good handful of spinach (Costco)
1/2 cup of sprouts (CSA)
1 murcott orange (CSA)
3 dates (Costco or sometimes farmer's market)
1 banana (Kroger)
1 Apple (Costco)
1/2 of small lemon without the rind
about 5 ice cubes

Drinking this smoothie will surely make you feel like this...

Just so full of laughter - ha!

I found this one to be quite tasty but I would not want to add much more than 1 cup of collards. Have you ventured beyond spinach or kale for your smoothies?


  1. I tried the collard greens today and I liked it :) although my response was not as wonderful as yours haha! I didn't have sprouts or dates, but I did kale and strawberries with chia and flax. Thanks for another green to add to my selection.

  2. I'm sure you did...there was just no one there to record it. haha. I tried one today that irritated my mouth due to overkill on the citrus. I'm not posting that one. :)


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