Saturday, February 9, 2013

Last Minute Invite to See "Flash Dance" at the Fox!

I do love a good musical? How about you?  Would you believe I have never seen the Phantom of the Opera?? Maybe I need a trip to New York City here soon.

Those who love all things 80's, please forgive me when I say that I would not have sought out this particular musical.  In fact, I started to view the movie just a week ago since it had become available on Netflix.  I did not remember the movie being as slow as it is! Maybe I am just spoiled by the caliber of movies we are able to view nowadays.

When a friend asked me if I would like to accompany her to the Fox Theatre to see Flash Dance I agreed more for time to be with my friend and the "Fox Experience" than for this particular musical.

A night on the town for this wife and momma to four little people is not that easy to arrange, but everyone got where they needed to be and would be fed.

The only thing still wrong was my hair and outfit! It was a Tuesday night so I thought I could dress up a tad, but not go ballroom.

 Okay, this shot was taken before the hair was fixed and I don't know what to say about the kid finger-smudges on the mirror or the army guy laying on the floor in the background. There is what I threw together last minute.  The shirt and leather skirt were both hand-me-downs, but I did actually buy the shoes on clearance (of course) at LOFT a few years ago. The idea is to make use of what I have. The more I try the more I have fun with it.

By the way, I really enjoyed Flash Dance. The dancing was incredible and the songs were very well done.  I wonder if the hubby would enjoy that one??

See any good musicals lately?


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