Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lazy, But Healthy Dinners

Lately our weather has been grey, cloudy and/or raining with an occasional chance of sun.  This type of weather makes me feel so unmotivated to start new projects, deep clean or hunt through recipes (well, maybe a few on pinterest).  Having gone to the market last week, I MUST use up my produce.

Here are my lazy dishes. Maybe they will inspire you to be lazy too. ;)

Disclaimer. Each plate featured was my plate, so portion sizes varied for each family member and my plate was the only plate with mushrooms.

Nachos, Guacamole, Sauteed Spinach and Portobello mushrooms

The laziest of all!!!!!

Wild Mahi, Sauteed Kale, and Sliced Bell Pepper 
Flavor tip: Saute your veggies in the same pan you cooked your meat or fish in. 

This next one I did a little bit more work. I peeled and sliced the sweet potatoes. These were so good, especially since I used the same pan that I baked granola on earlier that day. YUM! Lazy never tasted so good.
Chicken cooked in the skillet, Sauteed Green Beans & Sweet Potato Fries
Yeah, I did end up going back for more chicken. Guilty. What are your lazy dishes? Please share. I need more of them.


  1. How do you season/cook your sauteed kale? I've looked up several recipes but most are for several servings. I know for now I am the only one eating it :)

  2. Then I would just chop up a few (4 or 5 depending on size) "leaves" or stalks, with stalks removed. Use olive or coconut oil, sea salt, minced (or powdered) garlic and a pat of butter. Easy, right?? :)


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