Friday, February 15, 2013

Print Pants...Are You In?

I am not one to rush off and purchase trendy clothing that I may not be able to use the next year, but if I can find something for under $10 then I say "why not'??

I found these on an impromptu outing with a friend to Nordstrom Rack the other evening.  With no intention of shopping for myself, I finished up dinner with my family and headed out the door for some girl time.  There happened to be a clearance sale going on and since my friend was selecting clothes to try on I thought I should too. How I suffered - ha!

Initially I could only think of one idea for these pants, but after trying a few shirts I came up with several options.  Here is what I wore to run some errands with the little guys in tow.

The grey turtle neck is older from LOFT and the pants were of course from Nordstrom Rack. How would you wear your printed pants...or WOULD you at all? :)

By the way, these were so comfortable. Usually I am itching to get into my pajamas, but after a long day I still felt good. Guess they grew with me through out the day.


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