Friday, February 22, 2013

What's Coming for Spring Styles 2013

I've already taken a couple of looks at the spring color chart for this year in hopes that I already have some items in my closet or stored from last spring/summer. Looks like spring will be...

Bright, bold.

Floral Patterns. Stripes.

Ankle pants.

Peplum shirts and Pencil skirts.

Did you hang onto your Bermuda shorts?

Roll up those pant legs on your denim and a pair of pumps...

...and one particular pair of shoes that I really liked. Drum roll please...

Don't mind my toes in sad need of a pedicure, but aren't these cute?? They are $120 cute! Even though the gentleman who brought me these shoes to try on said that they would sell out soon, I still had to pass. But it gave me some sandal inspiration. :) By the way, these are Sam Edelman. I saw some other styles of gladiators by the same designer here that are on sale for $54.

I'm not sure what my spring/summer bins have but it's that time to go drag out the seasonal clothes and take a look at what I have to work with.  Do you think you already have some items that would work with the up and coming styles?

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