Thursday, February 21, 2013

YAY! Leggings Are Still Going Strong

I admit it. I love them. They are COMFORTABLE and I still feel "cute" in a well thought out ensemble. No worries ladies. You will not see me out and about wearing these leggings as my sole bottom coverage. No. No.  

I also love leggings because I have mucho varicose veins. Yup. Mucho. I plan to share more on what I have done and continue to do to treat my legs in later posts for those who may have some similar issues with vein disease.  

Moving on...It would seem that the trends are headed towards prints, studs, zippers, etc.  I am not sure yet if I will be setting aside money in the clothing budget to acquire those or not. Looks fun but I will have to find them cheap. Click here if you want to read more up on the legging trends for 2013. For now, here is what I did with my boring black leggings.  

Wool sweater is from Eddie Bauer (gift), The flowy shirt is a hand-me-down from my stylish Mother-in-law. The boots are from Nordstrom Rack and the purse is a B. Makowsky given to me at Christmas. That fabulous wrap around bracelet is homemade and it is pretty uncomfortable to wear so I won't be posting bracelets to sell. :)

How do you wear your leggings? 

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