Saturday, March 2, 2013

Attack of the Scarf-Shirt

This outfit was an inspiration attempt from an ensemble I saw on Pinterest. I say attempt because I didn't love what I ended up with, but sometimes you have to commit and head out the door. ( If you are super curious you can click here to see that pic. Soon I will figure out how to embed pictures on the blog.)

I think this would be better with the jean shirt at least partially buttoned for more contrast with the scarf. When I look at this pic I see a scarf-shirt. ATTACK! lol.

Here I have the shirt completely buttoned up. Now I feel that there is not enough contrast between the jean shirt and pants.  Oh well, maybe next time. But I did like these...

My $5 find at GAP in January - and I wasn't even really hunting. With four (five if you count dad) boys, I like wear my camo proud. :) The scarf was a Christmas gift from my sweet momma. The rest of the outfit were all pieces I have had for awhile.

Which outfit do you like better? Or should I just "toss" them both?



  1. love, love, love the scarf!!! Shoes are cute too!

  2. Thank you. A very sweet lady gave me that scarf. ;)


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