Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Final Entries to the "Style Your T" Contest

Throwing together these last few outfits ended up being a great deal of fun, more so than the last three! The "Style Your T" contest pushed me to go beyond what I would normally do, experimenting with color and even sporting a hat. This push came from "stealing" peeks at the other entries, which challenged my typical selections. I am definitely an amateur, but I hope that I encourage readers to be more adventurous with the items that may be collecting dust in the closet.

"Night Out"
Graphic Tee, Leather & Lovely Red

The above outfit was compiled with two thrift store finds (more on that in a later post), my latest addition, "leather" jacket and red wedges from last year.

"Spring in Bloom"

I branched out a bit more with this outfit by pairing my fuchsia "toothpicks"from JCrew with orange shoes.  Color Adventure Tip: For me, if I am going to bring in a random color it needs to be accessorized with another item or two as well. An example would be how the pinks and oranges in the scarf helped pull off the shoes and pants combination. Bright shoes are a first for me, but I'm wearing those babies! The best part is seeing the reaction from my older boys. "Woah! Orange Shoes, Mom??"

"I Feel Girly"
Meet me for coffee and laughs?

Here was my final entry featuring my lace skirt from Wet Seal, which was given to me last month.  The shoes are the newest by Sam Edelman (marked down 3 times over!).

 I am undecided on a favorite right now. There are not too many places I can wear the leather outfit. Night out with the hubbs? Confession: If we chose to go out to eat I would have to order water. Just water...and sit ramrod straight because the waist line is so tight with NO give.

Which one do you like best?


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