Monday, March 18, 2013

More of the Pantry Staples

Many of our pantry staples are stored in bulk. This is cost effective and convenient when you consider you are not picking up these items on a week to week basis at the grocery store.  So adding to what I have already shared in a previous post, are a couple more goodies...

RAW HONEY...Ooey, Gooey Sweetness!!

I like to pour honey in 1/2 g jars for use

Thanks to a neighbor's hobby, we have access to about as local as you can get for honey. Unless, that is of course, you raise your own bees. He has kindly allowed us to purchase his honey in 5 gallon quantities at a discounted price.  We use raw honey on a regular basis for any of the bread varieties, to sweeten oatmeal, yogurt and much more.  This was a very welcome addition that I hope continues for a LONG time. I am so spoiled by this that if he was to stop, we would have to consider bee-keeping.  So don't stop neighbor!! 

Google for a raw honey distributor near year!


Raw Peanuts Ready to Roast

My local Costco stopped selling organic peanut butter, so I have been purchasing raw peanuts in bulk at a local farmer's market and roasting them as needed for peanut butter or snacking.  A batch of peanut butter takes about 3 cups of peanuts, and fills a 16 oz. mason jar. You can find easy instructions on roasting here.

Chalkboard Stickers Made Life Fun and Easy!

TIP: If you don't already have them, purchase some plastic storage caps for your mason jars. They are great for storing frozen or dry goods! I found mine at a local Ace Hardware and I have seen them on Amazon.

By making your own peanut butter you get to determine your ingredients.  My first batch was merely raw peanuts and sea salt that I tossed into the food processor. That did not go over well - at all, which is why I now roast the peanuts and add some honey, along with a tablespoon of coconut or olive oil for extra creaminess.  We all prefer the added touch of sweetness. 

Next on my list should be almond butter, which is healthier than peanut butter.

Choosing to change out processed foods for whole foods is a journey that should not stress you out. Start out with one thing at a time. Once you learn that many of the items lining the grocer shelves, particularly on center aisles, are full of GMOs, preservatives, and other harmful ingredients, it is easy to become overwhelmed. DON'T. Choose something easy and go for it.  You will be amazed at how far you venture over time. 

Consuming more whole foods than processed has been an 8 year journey for me thus far. There are times when I have been stricter than others, which is largely based on added family members and our level of activity outside the home. We are still going to go out to eat every once in awhile. When we eat at a friend's home we are happy to partake in whatever they serve, feeling blessed and honored to share their table.  Homemade goodies? Always welcome.  

Do you make your own peanut butter? If so, what do you add to it, if anything?



  1. like like like. btw i need to buy some honey at some point. it looks delicious.

    1. Thank you...and let me know. Happy to help. :)

  2. Thanks for this! I really need to start making my own peanut butter.... Lyla is a peanut butter enthusiast haha. Really wish I had access to the farmers market. Let's plan a weekend so you can take me through it.

    1. I started out making it in the Blendtec, but even with having to go through the trouble of dragging out the food processor, it still seemed like their was less fuss. So, I'm sticking with the processor at this point. Once you put all the ingredients in, you let it go until you get the consistency you like. I want a nice pic of Lyla with PB smeared on that sweet face. :)


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