Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Puffy Vest Will Warm That Chest!

Well it will.

Another day of running errands. It's chilly but who wants to wear a coat in and out of the stores? Where are you my darling puffy vest??

You know, I have no idea if vests are in style right now, but I liked how this down vest looked over my graphic sweater. So, I guess I'm not too worried about it. Without the added layer this ensemble looked unfinished, not to mention adding little protection against the chill. Sometimes keeping my core warm is all that is necessary.

The jeans were hand-me-downs and the vest is, yup - old. Those little monkeys, who hijacked picture time, belong to me but I borrowed the dog to appeal to all you pet lovers out there.  Kidding. True, she is not my dog, but she kept springing into the picture and was too sweet to send away.

Here is a closer look...

Do you have any vests that you have neglected for awhile?

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