Monday, March 4, 2013

Some of the Weekly Pantry "Staples"

The weekend is gone and so is most of our food! That is why most Monday mornings are spent replenishing it. I'm referring to the staples that help make meal times and snack times go a little smoother at home.  Some of our staples that I don't run out to a grocery store to purchase are bread, yogurt, and granola.   My spoiled family does not like yogurt without granola so I try not to run out. This is when storing in bulk comes in handy! With 6 gallon buckets full of oats and other grains, there is no need to stress much.  

Bread, yogurt & granola

So there is my loaf of bread, that I did NOT slave over.  I simply mill some hard red or white wheat, kamut or spelt and then proceed to add the rest of the ingredients into my Zojirushi bread machine. Once upon a time I made a large batch of dough in the Bosch mixer, but as the days got busier my time had to be used elsewhere. I keep saying that I am going to use that mixer, which is currently stored in our garage.

Well, I will. Very soon. I'm sure.

Hiding towards the back of the photo is my EuroCuisine yogurt maker. Yogurt is so easy to make and there are several options for doing so. I'm not really a big fan of having a small appliance for every kitchen venture. However, this one was a gift and it simplifies life a bit with the individual serving jars. I also like the simple instructions found on Keeper of the Home's blog that does not require purchasing yet another small appliance, if you are interested in adding this to your weekly to-do list. :)

Cute Little Jars

The granola recipe I use is easy and very adaptable, as you can add or change up your nuts, dried fruits, etc.  Here is what I did with the left over granola scrapings that I cleaned out of the bowl...

A crunchy, oat muffin topping! Yes, I was proud of that one.

A little crunch, a little added sweetness

It always feels good knowing that I will be more prepared for lunches and snack times! What are your family's weekly staples that you don't like to run out of?


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