Friday, March 8, 2013

Variety Feature: A Little "College" Style

Dining chairs are pulled out and pushed aside. Floor rugs are rolled up and lying in the middle of the living room. A dustpan lies on the floor next to his partner the broom, which leans against the kitchen wall waiting for duty. Dirty dishes fill the sink with pride and a tower of laundry spills over basket sides.

And me? I am still in pjs with my hair frizzing out of a sloppy pony tail. There is a distinct scent that reaches my nose every so often. That would be me. The effects of a working frenzy I suppose.

The phone rings.

"Are you ready to go to lunch in Athens?", the voice questions. (We were supposed to meet a friend, who is a student at UGA, for lunch.)

"Uh, no. I think I will let you go on with the others. Currently, I am surrounded by mess, not to mention in no shape to face the outside world."

"Oh, but I've already told the others you were coming with your boys. Just come on! I'll pick you up in 5 minutes." I guess there is no arguing.

Hanging up, I glance around my kitchen and sigh in resignation. Five minutes. Well, the mess will be there when I return.

I leave the little men to play amongst themselves (SCARY) and I scramble back to my room to take the fastest rinse off shower ever. Sorry hair, you shall remain dirty.  There is no time to put any thought to an outfit, so I grab the first articles I see.

The kidnappers breeze in and help me get the little men ready for our trip to Athens.

So we arrive and meet our busy friend who has been buried deep in her studies. From her boots to her bag, her ensemble fits the "business" class she was headed for. And she looked so adorable that I felt compelled to pester her with a photo. (I know. No one will want to go anywhere with me - ever.) 

College Style...Joanna.

As we all walked briskly to our lunch spot, I couldn't help but notice the clothing boutiques along the way. Alas, there was not enough time to shop, coupled with the fact that we had two munchkins struggling to keep up with us. Maybe next time...

Finally, I will close with a stop we did make time for...and what I ended up wearing.

Very Un-Granola Like!
Gigi's Cupcakes! Who knew there were so many varieties of cupcakes?? And here is what I pulled out of my closet in a hurry. Once again cool weather called for leggings (I think I would wear brown leggings next time). The scarf is a new addition to my closet made by my sweet sister-in-law at Hook, Stitch & Knit

Once home, I was greeted by the mess I had left behind, but I have no regrets...friends, food and fun. I almost wished that I was going to college. Almost. :)

How do you dress for classes? Do you go all comfy in sport shorts or do you like to "dress up" some? Do you ever shop clothing boutiques and do you have a favorite?

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  1. so glad we did this! great break between classes.


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