Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Army Green Lives On... my closet anyway. Sorry Pantone! I love "emerald green" and "grayed jade", but I must show army green some love too. With active and retired military woven throughout our family tree, it's no wonder I am enjoying army green and the camo trends.

Well anyway, in an attempt to be more organized I decided to put together an outfit the night before to shave off some time in the morning. However, I was too tired to want to go through the trouble of dressing in anything but my pjs! Looking for an opportunity to use a blazer from a previous post, I grabbed some coordinating pieces and hung them all on a hanger. It looked great hanging but when I put everything on the next morning I did not receive the results I was going for. After a quick browse through the closet I spotted this army green cardigan that I've had for some time. The colors were perfect! Oh well, blazer. Maybe next time.

Black/White Jeans, Shirt is by LOFT & Sweat is Eddie Bauer
For a little extra fun, I added some colorful accenting jewelry pieces and my army green shoes.

I loved how the colors complimented each other. All the pieces are by Lia Sophia.

Yeah, I don't get too far in these shoes but if I know I will be sitting a lot, I enjoy finding outfits to coordinate with them. Would it be overkill if I painted my nails army green as well?


Real quick! While we are featuring some army green I wanted to share an outfit that I braved and had a lot of fun with. The picture is not that great, but you get the idea. Would you do this? I laughed at myself when I thought how influenced I could be by trends. Even with all the military in my family I could not see myself wearing this two years ago!
Random, Pandora & Lia Sophia



  1. Oouuuu, I love this outfit!! I cannot wait to fit into my closet clothes again!

    1. Thank you. :) I look forward to seeing what you put together!


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