Thursday, May 2, 2013

Inclinations N Inspirations: Pink Pants or Crazy Prints

Who can say how many moods and inclinations that a female will have in her lifetime. And have you ever thought about how movies, books or music can influence our moods and thereby influence what we feel like wearing or eating? For example, you get into a series such as Downton Abbey, and you find yourself looking for any clothing articles with lace and all of a sudden you have a hankering for tea and crumpets.  If you are as sad as me, you will also begin to have a slight British accent, albeit not a very good one.

"Glen, would you be a dear and bring me my tea?"

"Boys, it would mean ever so much to your mommy if you would pick up your toys and trinkets from the parlor. Take your books back to the library and do remember to wash your hands before you come to supper.

Sad, yes. But worth every raised brow and quizzical look that is sent my way! Am I not entitled to amuse myself around here??

Coming back to reality I must say that this outfit was not inspired by England or Downton Abbey, but rather by a mix of my sister-in-law, who has just purchased a pair of pink pants, (you go girl!) and the end of the year Brunch/Share day for the Bible study I am a member of. Hence, I felt inclined to pull out my pair of pink pants again, as well as what is for me, dressing up.

The Talbot print, purple blouse is a hand-me-down from my MIL, the Michael Kors, white dress shirt is from a thrift store and the pink pants are from JCrew. Now that is what I actually left the house in. However, I was also tempted to go a little crazy with print mixing again...

This may have been going too far, but the pants are so comfortable!! :) In fact, I have changed back into these pants for now.

What inspires what you wear and would you wear either of these outfits?

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