Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Evolution of a White Baby Doll Dress

I really like this white, summer dress and knowing that I paid $9 for it at the LOFT heightens its likability.  However, the spaghetti straps and low cut around the front make for constant bra adjusting and I feel like I am pushing the modesty envelope that I set for myself! The only time I wore this dress without some type of sweater or jacket was at a poolside baby shower.

Since I'd like to wear this dress again, the fun challenge of making it work begins...

I'm going to a garden party...la, la, la, la, la

I added a white linen, sleeveless collar shirt and a skinny belt. No worries about cleavage, the right bra or those crazy tan lines.  Add a summer hat and some red wedges and I'm ready to go to a garden party (ha! not getting a lot of invites to those), or maybe a bridal shower.

Now, if I was to wear this dress to church I would want to add length somehow because there are times when I may go up on stage. Dresses and skirts seem much shorter when one is elevated. So...

My $5 leggings! While this may be a little too warm for an outside gathering, I feel perfectly comfortable inside where most places blast the air-conditioning.

Which one suits you best and would you wear print leggings??


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