Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Power of an Accessory: the Scarf

ONE scarf.  One SCARF will bring tank and shorts together. ONE scarf will tie in purse and sandal.

Anyone else reading the above lines with a movie-trailer-voice? I know. It's a little much for a scarf, but that is how impressed I am with the ways this multi-colored accessory brings the outfit together!  Old and new clothing are worn in harmony. Without the scarf I would not have thought to put the green tank with the deep-pink shorts.

Today's featured ensemble has already been worn twice. I recycle my favorite get-ups by strategically choosing different outings or events to wear them to. I confess. If it is both cute and comfortable, the outfit may be worn more than twice. GASP!

This outfit also keeps my personal challenge to come up with as many combinations for my summer purse and sandals as possible, thereby minimizing purse change outs. So far, no change outs! That may be boring to some, but I needed to simplify my life in as many areas as I could for the summer.

Excuse my mess, as they say

LOFT shorts & tank, Old Navy jean jacket and Clark purse and sandals

Do you have a favorite accessory that works to expand your wardrobe combinations?


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