Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stuck In a Rut: A Fashion Fail

I'm in a rut. R-U-T, rut.  The desire to run out and buy new clothes is strong so I may need to refrain from viewing fashion blogs right now.  It's blurring my lines of need verses want. I mean, are leather pants really a need? You can't eat them and I'm not sure they would even keep me warm.

So it's back to my closet, armed with ideas and inspiration from those fabulous ladies and their blogs I viewed, to try using what I have on hand.  First go round did not go well.  Hey we all have those moments, right? I hope.

Here is my first attempt at dressing fashionable in these blistery cool days...

No, No, No

I had the right idea pairing leather with plaid. Very cute, but somewhere between the oversized, hand-me-down skirt, hanging scarf and mid-calf boots I ended going hobo-esque.  Help me. I did wear this out. Just like this.  I'm laughing right now because the cool mug is not helping.

After viewing the pictures. I thought, "maybe ditching the scarf would help".

Getting Better, but Not there...what's the Deal?

Cool Mug is still not helping

Finally, I had to accept that the skirt was too big and made the overall look appear sloppy. So I traded this skirt with another that I like but have to suck it in to make it work.

What do you think? Better?

Well great, I just won't eat for the rest of the day.  (Perhaps it's time I get back into an exercise routine?)

This May Be It

Just Keep Your Abs Tight!! This can work.


The bigger skirt, coupled with the scarf - No, No, No!

Frustrated with my skirt debacle and the need to suck it all in,  I changed the bottoms entirely and finished the day out like this...

I'm Going To Eat!

The Safety of Blue Jeans

This is by no means my first fashion fail and I know it won't be my last, but that's how I learn and where the fun comes in! Hope you enjoyed sharing in my hard-knock learnings and if you have any suggestions or tips, please share! Help me get out of this rut.

Thanks for reading!


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