Hi! :) I'm Chrissy. Welcome to Granola & Grace...

Granola & Grace...Green Smoothies & Lace. I like homemade bread, green smoothies, and organic when we can afford it. My friends have lovingly called me "hippy" and a "tree hugger", but while I love all things earthy I don't necessarily want to look earthy all the time. Hence the "Granola" in my heading. Why the "Grace"? I am very aware that I am inwardly and outwardly flawed. I need God's grace on a daily basis! Outwardly, I need to remember that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Comparing myself to a standard set by society, Hollywood, etc is futile and will always bring a discontent with who I am and what I have. I hope you enjoy reading about my personal growth in all these areas!

So what will you find on this blog site? Definitely clothing posts featuring my developing sense of style - I'm not there yet!! Variety features on friends, acquaintances and whoever else let's this crazy girl into their life, and some random posts on how I try to keep some semblance of healthy into our full lives through whole foods and activity.

A few extra tidbits about me...

  • I am married and have four silly boys - 1 in high school, 1 in middle school and twin boys that are already in grade school
  • I love to help friends "shop their closet" by diving into what they already own and assist them in putting outfits together, as well as writing up a list on some "must-haves/staples"!
  • I'm a Premier Designs jewelry gal, which helps me get my jewelry fix, as well as help others accessorize. 
  • I'm a goofball. And if I was to return to work, I'd probably be a children's entertainer. I gave up trying to be cool a long time ago. Ahhh, freedom feels so good. 
  • I have lived in Honduras for two years as a missionary with my husband and learned the rudimentary fundamentals of speaking Spanish while there. I'm rusty but I love it. 
  • I dream of traveling through most of Europe someday - someday soon I hope!
  • I would go to classes for acting, singing, guitar and maybe even some dance every week; even everyday if it wouldn't completely disrupt family life and bankrupt us!
  • I think clothes at great prices are great fun and have no qualms with using hand-me-downs.
  • My heart, soul and mind would be lost without my faith in God and Jesus Christ
Thank you so much for visiting!

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