Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Black, White & A New Statement Piece

Ok my friends.  Though my birthday has come and gone, I continue to celebrate it for as long as I can this month! So you may see a new item pop up here and there on the blog. Or you may here me mention this milestone birthday a time or two. Please bear with me as I make this transition! ;)

Today's post is real. Colorless, tired reality. We were rushing out the door to meet a couple of friends at Costco of all places. A small group picnic was coming up and we needed the easiest entree one could find...hotdogs, and a lot of them.

The day before my newly earned jewelry came in and I couldn't wait to wear it, so I reached for the easiest back drop - a solid black top. With no time to spend on outfit creativity (or make up application!!!!!), I grabbed white pants and neutral accessories. Done.

I didn't even worry about earrings, as I felt like the necklace was statement enough.

Everything else I'm wearing, I've had since the spring or last season.

Outfit Breakdown:
Top: Irma (LulaRoe by Shannon)/ White Denim (Entourage)/Shoes: Clothes Mentor Find/Purse: Vince Camuto (Christmas Gift)/Necklace & Bracelet (Premier Designs)

With hotdogs and condiments purchased I said goodbye to my friends (asked them if they wanted to borrow my boys for a bit - hehe) and started for my car. Before we could get to said vehicle, my sneaky friend stopped me with an early birthday present...

I loved that it was a brown paper package, tied up with string! ;)

Surprises truly are my favorite - I love it!

So do they!! ;)

And there was my first birthday card that came in the mail to help make my special day an anticipated reality. I have so very much to be thankful for and one of those things I'm thankful for, is this blogging adventure! Truly, I look forward to corresponding with you each week!

Have a fabulous week my reader friends.


Monday, August 14, 2017

Colorful Leggings & Stripes

Hello! What is your comfortable, but oh-so-much-fun go to look? I think this may be mine. At least for now it is. Who knows when the winds of style change may come, especially for this eclectic and indecisive hot mess! However, until it does, I love the cozy softness found in my LulaRoe leggings that are neutral and somewhat of a tame print (compared to some in my opinion). Now add the element of color and texture and I feel ready to take on any errand!

This was a dreary day, so color was just what I needed and I didn't stop at the leggings. The light orange stripe down the middle of the shirt begged for my tassel necklace, that also coordinated with the colors in the leggings. Oh wait! Look, there's my favorite bangle set in beautiful shades of orange and gold. I've gone this far, so why not add that crazy lip color I'm not yet adjusted to? As you can see, I decided to keep the shoes and the purse a tame, legit neutral. ;)

I think that sign above my head said, "print mixing allowed". Ha! I know, so corny.

Outfit Breakdown:
Top: Marisa Jill's Boutique (local)/Leggings: LulaRoe (Shannon Schmitt)/Shoes: Marissa Jill (Local Boutique)/ Jewelry: Premier Designs (Shop the Shop)

My photographer for the day was my middle son and he likes to make jokes...

"Come on. You know I don't have the storage for you to take 100 photos at once!" Why??

Good thing he's cute, right? ;) I guess I should be thankful I can get photo help at all!! And these pictures are the perfect example of bringing your blog life along with you. There were so many stops along the way...pick up kids at school, haul everyone to the doctor for one kid's appointment, take said kid back to practice, drop off prescription, run the remainders to get their hair cut, pick up prescription and then finally head home. Phew! We all have those days and on those days I want be comfortable, but I still want to look put together.

Oh, and I must mention that we squeezed in a stop at the cupcake shop to get my free treat for the day...

Lemon-Zing - Looks so pretty doesn't it?

I sent that cupcake over to a neighbors, delivered by my cuties. I'm sure their cute smiles made that cupcake even better! ;)

Well, that's all for today my reader friends. I hope your week is off to a good start!